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This IPL Auctioneer Is A Sweeper Once!



Richard Madley, who begun his career as a floor sweeper at the London Auction House, has been IPL Auctioneer since 2007. Even during the IPL Auction 2018 on January 27th & 28th, It was he who stole the show by handling the auction between eight franchises in a smooth manner.

Since the past decade, Richard Madley has been continuing as the auctioneer of the cricket leagues. He proved his mettle while auctioning a game show on BBC. That’s when BCCI roped him for the cash-rich league.

Mr.Richard interacted with her Twitter followers recently. To the question how he maintains the same tempo for hours, He replied the secret behind it is alcohol consumption. When an follower expressed his wish to an auctioneer, Madley told there are no short-cut and he has come to this stage starting as a sweeper.