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RGV calls Chief Minister a Monkey






All of a sudden, Ram Gopal Varma has turned out into a patriot and shows high regard for the Indian Armed Forces. He lashed out at Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for doubting the surgical strikes carried out by Indian Army across Line of Control (LoC).

For questioning theintegrity of armed forces, RGV describes Kejriwal as the cross breed between Hanuman’s Sugreeva and Musharaf’s Shareef. He opined Armed forces should conduct internal surgical strike on anti nationalist such as Kejriwal apart from external surgical strikes.

The Filmmaker dared to say he always thought Kejriwal looked like a monkey wearing his muffler cap but now I realised that he’s truly a monkey after his comments on armed forces. He shared his Tweets using the hashtag #JaiAllahKejrwal.

Lastly, RGV felt Aap party from now on should be renamed Paap party for P in pakistan and paap as in sin.