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PK Can Become A Social Activist if: Lakshmi Parvathi


Lakshmi Parvathi found fault with Jana Sena Supremo Pawan Kalyan for showing reluctance to question TDP Government even though so much injustice is being done to the people. ‘Pawan Kalyan is a good hearted person, good actor and enjoys huge following…I’m not disagreeing with any of these things. But, He is still unable to come up with strong ideology despite seeing his brother fail as a politician. Instead, He ended up behaving like a TDP agent and hence people aren’t able to believe whatever he speaks’.

On the Joint Fact Finding Committee, NTR’s Widow ridiculed the Panel for not being able to question the State Government how it spent the funds offered by Centre so far. She opined Pawan Kalyan’s inability to demand answers from TDP shows the kind of understanding they have. ‘There is a remark on Pawan that he came into politics to protect TDP. To wipe out any such negative impression, He need to expose the wrongdoing of Chandrababu and irregularities happening in TDP Rule. While State Government claims to have spent Rs 1600 crore on Pattiseema, CAG report says corruption of Rs 350 crore happened in this single project. Why didn’t PK question it? Polavaram is a National Project. TDP Government took the responsibility to complete it and now nobody knows how the funds were utilized. I don’t know if his party comes to power or not. If Pawan Kalyan questions the wrongdoings happening in the society, He could at least become a Social Activist,’ she opined.