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Open Challenge from Mudragada to CBN

Tamanna (27)

Kapu Leader Mudragada Padmanabham threw an open challenge to Chandrababu Naidu asking if AP CM and his son Nara Lokesh were ready to take up Fast-unto-Death for Special Category Status. He asked Chief Minister to take it as a challenge and inform him after launching the indefinite fast.

Mudragada alleges Chandrababu Naidu tried to malign his image when he sincerely fought for Kapu reservations and release of people arrested in connection with Tuni violence by holding a series of fasts. In his letter, The Former Minister mentioned that people would come to known about CBN’s stamina, mental stability and his commitment if he accepts his challenge.

The Senior Politician reiterates that he is determined to fight for the welfare of Kapus no matter how many insults, health and financial issues he might face. He demanded State Government to fulfill all the poll promises made to the Kapus.