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Oka Manasu movie review #Niharika #Naga Shourya






Movie Review: Oka Manasu

Rating: 2.5

Cast: Naga Shourya, Niharika, Rao Ramesh, Pragathi, Srinivas Avasarala, Naagineedu, Raja Ravindra and Others.

Music: Sunil Kashyap

Cinematography: Raam Reddy

Producer: Madhura Sreedhar Reddy

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Rama Raju

Release Date: 24th June 2016

Rama Raju made his directorial debut with a good subject ‘Mallela Theeram Lo Sirimalle Chettu’. However, The film went unnoticed for various reasons. It took time for him to overcome the failure and script his second project ‘Oka Manasu’. Luckily, This movie generated tremendous buzz after Niharika was roped to play the female lead. What this feel good entertainer will offer?


Surya (Naga Shourya) a youth who’s goal is to become an MLA to fulfill his Father’s wish. Unexpectedly, A House Surgeon Sandhya (Niharika) enters into his life and they fall in love with each other. Even though Niharika doesn’t want Surya to be in politics, Neither she was able to stop him nor end the relationship. In the meantime, Surya faces arrest due to a settlement issue and gets released on bail after three years. Even now, The case continues to haunt him and his future will be in danger. A situation forces Sandhya to maintain distance from Surya. What kind of decision has she taken & how did it effect both of them forms rest of the tale..!


Naga Shourya role as an aspiring MLA is the best one in his career. Full Marks for his matured performance depicting the struggle of a lover who has been facing unfavorable situations. Particularly, He excelled in the Second Half.

Niharika’s performance isn’t bad either. While the debutante acted well in few scenes, She appeared clueless in others. An experienced actress could have done more justice to the role. Overall, Niharika failed to match Naga Shourya.

Rao Ramesh yet again steals the show. He breathes life into the character of Hero’s Father. Even Pragathi does fairly well. Srinivas Avasarala, Raja Ravindra and Nagineedu were alright.


Naga Shourya


Last 30 Minutes


Slow Pace

Run Time


All the Technicians have contributed to the best of their abilities for ‘Oka Manasu’. Sunil Kasyap’s Songs and BGM were in perfect sink with the subject. Even the lyrics were meaningful. Cinematography by Raam Reddy is an asset to the movie. He captured the beauty of Vizag and emotions of Lead Pair so well. Madhura Sreedhar showed that he is producer with distinct taste. Its really surprising to see TV9, known for its aggressive approach, co-produce this slow-paced love story. Rama Raju made ‘Oka Manasu’ the way he wants it to be rather than trying to include elements which connect with present day youth. He, however, leaves a mark of his own with meaningful dialogues. His sincere attempt to narrate a love story in a poetic manner deserves special mention. But, He wasn’t able to succeed in making it an entertaining movie.


‘Oka Manasu’ reminds us of Poetry. But, Does the present generation have time for poetry or a film narrated in a poetic manner? One needs to have a lot of patience to enjoy such a slow-paced subjects. Hence, It might appeal to a limited section of audience.

All the actors in the movie look and behave normally. Even the conversations were so natural and you don’t get to see cinematic drama at any point. A bit of melodrama and humor could have made the film hit the right chord with the audience.

Rama Raju has increased the dose of dialogues in his Second Flick. At one point, Viewers find the lengthy conversations irritating. People who have fallen in love and come across issues a couple face might connect with the Lead Characters. But, Audience who seek entertainment will end up getting bored.

‘Oka Manasu’ is a simple love story. In the First Half, Some of the scenes were repetitive and better Editing could have been a saving grace. Second Half is much better and Director succeeded in presenting the conflict between Lovers. Pre-Climax and Climax is where the soul exists. But, One need to have a lot of patience to sit in the theaters until then.

Bottom Line: A Snail-Paced Love Story!